After 21 years of waiting, Suave Twisters had an opportunity to make the first CD record.

The record was named YKKÖNEN (Number One) in accordance with the track in cd.


Hati and Premiers in action


Without Hati's youth friend Heikki Nieminen, this cd couldn't have seen the daylight. In one night the boys were talking about music and Heikki wondered, why Suave Twisters hasn't made a CD yet. Hati told that it needs a lot of money to made cd and the record companies weren't so interested in nameless band and music styles like ours. Hati forgot the whole thing, but next time when they met again, Heikki came back to the matter again and asked about studio taxes and other prices. He said that if the prices are reasonable and not too expensive he and his company mates could produce the album. We made a calculation of the costs, Heikki and his partners accepted it. And then ..... we went to the studio.

Without Heikki's investment we could only dream of this project. So we are very grateful for his support.

We made the record in Barker studio in Turku in spring 1999.


Here are a few photos from the studio.



Pauli's singing                        Our chorus was Maija Liittokivi



 Stenu and his Höfner                 Mikko with his Stratocaster and Echo Orbit



Heikki Merenkylä with knobs and buttons       Keijo and his Epiphone                


And finally a few guitars

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