Archipelago Rally 2004     Nastola 2003    Viikki-island 2001   Taimon Krouvi 2000     POMMARI 20 years    Old photos

The Archipelago Rally  2004

The Archipelago Rally organized by The motorcycle riders of Turku in Kemiö 2004


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Nastola 2003

Nastola´s Instrumental Festival in summer



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Viikinsaari 2001

Mandshurian Emman´s Magic Night in Tampere

Keijo, Pauli, Hati, Stenu and Mikko

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Taimon Krouvi 2000

Stenu, Mikko and Pauli                                             Pauli and Keijo

Stenu, Keijo and Hati                           Mikko                                   Hati      

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POMMARI 20 YEARS anniversary in Raisio sports hall 14.9.1996


First instrumental music without vocalist.                                Keijo, Keepu and Suave


Keijo, Keepu, Reijo, Hati and Stenu                              Keijo, Keepu, Hati and Reijo


Keijo, Keepu, Reijo and Stenu.                                               Hati


At the end Keepu offers Suavea grease to photographers. 

Reijo, Hati, Stenu, Keepu, Keijo and the famous Suave box.

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Keepu and Hati                       Kari, Stenu, Keepu and Hati                     Keepu and Hati


Gig somewhere in Finland                                                       Suave boys


Rock’n roll                    Slap bass                             Poster from 1979

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