Harri "Hati" Stenroos  

- Drums

- Foundation member of Suave Twisters and real "father" of the band

- Only person who have been in every Suave Twisters compositions





Keijo Grönroos

- Rythm- and lead guitar and backing vocals

- Foundation member of Suave Twisters

- Compose and lyric music for the band




Mikko Lammi       

- Lead- and rythm guitar and backing vocals

- Sound expert and constant sound hunter

- Maintain and repair bands equipments

- Compose music for the band



Pauli Lahdenperä       

- Vocals and speech

- Tamburin man in instrumental guitar pieces




Jani "Iksu" Parjanen       

- Bass and harmonica

- Wisecracker , specially bass plyer jokes

- Lyric music for the band.



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