Here are two KLEMT Echolette tape echos from 60's and BINSON disc echo.


BINSON Echorec 2 from mid 60's.
AMPEG Super Echo Twin guitar amp (stereo) MEAZZIN tape echo with 40 watt tube amp. Model from 1964-65. Tape unit in front panel is removable. Meazzi is a legendary echo, unit is used by Hank Marvin , i.e. Apache is recorded with similar unit.


WATKINS COPICAT tape echo from early 60's.


SIMMS-WATTS tape echo from 70's (solid state)


HÖFNER dics echo from 60's SPACE MASTER spring echo from early 60's (Front panel is disappeared  in the long run)


STUDER C37 master- tape recorder from 1966


VOX CO2, tape echo AVO MK IV tebe tester from 60's.


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