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All starts from here…

There was a kindergarden In Naantali city and on the second floor of this building was a training room where Hati and Keepu played together. The boys decided to create a band that would play a music from 50's and 60's and  an instrumental guitar music. They needed two more players and they found them from Vahto and Turku.

Suave Twisters was grounded in 1978.

"Suave Twisters from Naantali plays gentle rock"

Here is the first clipping.

First gig in Naantali at UNIKEON PÄIVÄNÄ (Sleepyheads Day) 1978.

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Next year they speeded up and people looked like this.

If the speed was furious in Sleepyheads Day it was also in Raisrock, there was six bands from Raisio and Suave Twisters from Naantali on the stage.

In the same year the composition of the band was changed. Keijo Grönroos left from Suave Twisters to his old band, because the other members of the band had done their military service and their excitedness were very high. He was replaced with Kari Tammisto, who was a friend of bass player Stenu.

During this time happens a great thing. We get into Suosikki-magazine, not on the cover, but anyhow in the magazine.

Year 1980   top of page 

In that time we played gigs and developed new things.

At Salo gig we got to play back with Danny and Armi (very famous artists in that time in Finland). 

There were nine hours ROCK in Raisrock.

Two casettes from Raisrock, Risteysrock 1 and Risteysrock 2 were recorded.

Suave Twisters played in both casettes.

Year 1981   top of page 

The speed is decreasing……only a few gigs in the pubs and private occations.

Years 1982-84   top of page 

Band was on the dock.   

Years 1985-88   top of page 

Suave Twisters was speeding up with a new members in the winter of 1985, there was members Harri ”Hati” Stenroos and Kari ”Keepu” Grönblum from the old band and new members Kai Rinne and Mats Urvas.


Years 1989-95   top of page 

Suave Twisters was on dock again. Members had their own projects.

Years 1996-1998   top of page 

POMMARI 20 VUOTTA- anniversary concert in 1996.

Suave Twisters w
as gathered together again. There was all foundation members, Keepu, Hati, Stenu ja Keijo, and a new vocalist Reijo Kettinen.

A new Suave Twisters speeds up with this concert, but very slowly.

With a few changes of the members in 1997 Suave Twisters looks like this. 

Vocal: Pauli Lahdenperä

Guitars: Mikko Lammi ja Keijo Grönroos

Bass: Risto Steenari

Drums: Harri Stenroos

In 1998 published JEEJEEJEE also known as History Of Finnish Rock (the book is edited by Bruun, Lindfors, Luoto, Salo) mentioned us. On the page 100 there is a top 30 band names where Suave Twisters is also included with. On the page 270 yuo can find a picture and a short story from the band.

Years 1999-2000   top of page

Suave Twisters recorded their first CD in the spring of 1999.

Name of the CD was YKKÖNEN (NUMBER ONE).

Here are a few scraps after releasion of YKKÖNEN.

Year 2001   top of page

In that year there was two happenings over the others, Twang in Pori and  Mandshurian Emman Taikayö in Viikki-island in Tampere. 

Both were instrumental guitar-music and beat-music festivals, where the bands are invited.

TWANG 7 artist card

Year 2002   top of page

Beginning of the year the bass player Risto Steenari left the band and Jani ”Iksu” Parjanen replaced him.

At the same year two collections were released, where we are in;

Guitar Mania vol.17 and TWANGY GUITARS, Silky Strings vol.5 .

We also took part in EMMA 2002, which was an instrumental guitar music happening in Foxia-restaurant in Oulu.

Year 2003    top of page

Suave Twisters took part in 7. Guitar Music Festival in Nastola, in the end of June.

Year 2004     top of page

Nothing special happened in this year, we did normal gigs and so on.

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